Principal message

Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of differently-Abled (PSRD) is a prestigious organization providing services to the differently-abled since 1957. PSRD College of Rehabilitation Sciences (PSRD-CRS) started as a project of PSRD in 2015 to produce healthcare professionals in the field of Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences. Currently, we are offering Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Speech AND Language Pathology (BSc-SLP), and Occupational Therapy (BSc-OT) with the affiliation of the University of Heath Sciences (UHS).

Our goal is to provide well-rounded healthcare professionals who are inclined to give back to society, WE are dedicatedly committed to providing quality education and equal opportunities accessible to everyone regardless of any factor. As we are in the middle of the town, we ensure to provide a safe learning environment career and produce indigenous research. PSRD_CRS not only focuses on academics learning and excellence but also focuses on the development of students interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relations and communication skills.