The Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (P.S.R.D.) is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to the service of the orthopedically handicapped. Established in 1957 as a physiotherapy department, PSRD is now providing state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities under one roof. It entails services ranging from education, health care, and socio-economic rehabilitation. Right after the establishment we observed children visiting for physiotherapy, their education was suffering so we started school along with physiotherapy later on to improve health facilities. 

We established an orthotics and prosthetics center and orthopedic hospital and started surgeries on handicapped children. As well as we established a PR department to facilitate our students in their higher secondary education as well, we mobilize our resources to facilitate students for their graduation and job placement. As we got to know about occupational therapy in the 80’s so we started the department for our children later on we established a speech and language therapy department. 

To facilitate our students who were not good at studies so we also established a vocational center, we taught them skills they use to prepare different things like shopping bags, and screen printing, as was considered a burden on the society so with these skills, they can survive easily and even they earn 40 to 80 thousand rupees. We also facilitated people in their late 30’s and 40’s who were unable to earn we give them ideas and interest-free loans to enable them to start small-scale businesses they returned our loans and retake loans to expand their businesses through which they use to prepare LED Bulbs, tissue boxes, and many other projects. We not only rehabilitate in health but also use to help in every domain of the person of the differently-abled person. Our main focus was to facilitate physically challenged persons so different international organizations also recognized our work and we have a unique and successful model of rehabilitation.