Domain of Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy program provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas:

A) Knowledge and Understanding

    1. Student should gain knowledge about the principles of rehabilitation and know details of the role of occupation therapy in a disease.
    2. Student should acquire skills in analyzing and assessing patient's needs, abilities and general function.
    3. Student should learn how to assess, manage and prevent the problems which affect activities or tasks in the occupations of self-care, work and leisure.
    4. Student should learn to make use of purposeful activity with individuals who are limited by disability for maximizing independence and preventing disability
    5. Student should develop understanding of perceptual-motor skills and sensory integrative functioning.
    6. Student should be able to design, analyze, select and use adaptive equipment and devices according to the needs of the disabled.
    7. Student can administer and interpret tests required for therapeutic purposes.
    8. Student can train patients to build their confidence to tackle such tasks as feeding themselves, washing, dressing, walking, crossing roads or using public transport

B) Values and Attitudes

  1. Student can demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to human diversity, including differences of culture, ethnicity, language disability, socio-economic status, etc.
  2. Student can maintain the principles and practices of patient confidentially.
  3. Student can maintain the principles of the professional and statutory regulatory bodies.
  4. Student demonstrates adherence to the professional code of conduct within the legal and ethical framework.
  5. Student can recognize the obligation to maintain fitness for practice and the need for continuing personal and professional development.

C) Cognitive/Intellectual

  1. Student is able to study independently using a variety of media including the Internet.
  2. Student can critically evaluate evidence to support clinical practice.
  3. Student can synthesize information from a range of sources and utilize for a given purpose.
  4. Student has the ability to ask clinical questions, formulate hypotheses and develop research.
  5. Student has the ability to use feedback to change learning and practice.

D) Subject Specific

  1. Student has the ability to design and deliver patient centered & in case of children family intervention of an acceptable quality.
  2. Student has the ability to draw on knowledge and skills in order to make professionally reasoned judgments and apply within the scope of the individual's practice.
  3. Student has the ability to communicate effectively with patients, significant others and other relevant parties.
  4. Student has the ability to address wider service issues including aspects of administration, case management.
  5. Student is able to reflect on own professional practice and to use supervision and other learning opportunities to advance professional development.

E) Communication & Team Work

  1. Student can communicate using multiple media, including verbal, written, presentation, word processing and internet- based communication.
  2. Student can manage workload, prioritizing as appropriate, within a time frame.
  3. Student can pursue independent learning for the advancement of knowledge and skills. Student is able to work collaboratively with others and within a team.
  4. Student can take responsibility and execute duties in a professional manner.
  5. Students should be able to organize recreational and cultural activities that help as techniques to resolve the disabilities and problems of physical and mentally challenged people.

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