Student Charter

Rules and Regulations:

  • Students should follow the dress code of the college
  • Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy.
  • As discipline is highly essential to the smooth working of the College, each and every student shall maintain it at any cost. Loitering in the corridors, causing disturbance in the class rooms and other undesirable activities are strictly forbidden.
  • Absolute obedience is expected from every student. If anyone tries to defy the authority or the Principal or any teacher, disciplinary actions will be taken against them.
  • If any student violates the rules and regulations indicated above, the Principal has absolute authority to expel him / her from the College
  • No meetings, processions or entertainments shall be organized or any fund collected from the college or hostels without the written permission of the principal.
  • If any student is found guilty of indiscipline, such as organizing demonstration or strikes, he/ she will be immediately dismissed from the College
  • No student shall disfigure the walls, windows or furniture by writing on them. If anyone damages or destroys the college property, he or she will have to pay the cost of repair. If necessary, common fine also will be imposed.
  • Every student is expected to take part in one or more of the games/extra-curricular activities for which facilities are provided by the College.
  • Smoking, use of alcohol or intoxicating drinks and consumptions of drugs by students are strictly prohibited.
  • The student should move silently when proceeding from one class room to another and at other times, so as not to disturb classes or others at work.
  • Every student should greet teachers respectfully on the occasion of his / her first meeting them for the day.
  • No student shall leave the class room or laboratory without the permission of the teacher in charge.
  • The behavior of students both within and outside the College premises should be decent.
  • Bringing mobile phone, photo or video cameras by the students in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  • All students of the College shall keep with them the recent Identify card 
  • The student should surrender the identity Card when he / she leave the institution.
  • Every student shall put in a minimum attendance of 75% of term days.
  • Students are not permitted to absent themselves from classes without leave. Leave applications should be submitted to the principal in advance through the class Teacher.
  • Absence from a class for one lecture of either of the two sessions will be considered as absence for   half a day.
  • A student absenting from the college with or without leave for more than five consecutive working days shall report to the principal before attending the class.
  • If a student is absent for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.
  • He / she should have completed the term of the course to the satisfaction of the college authorities and his/her progress, conduct and character should have been satisfactory.
  • It is necessary for every student to appear in all the Class/Term Tests as well as send-ups. Inability to appear in the exam will reduce the chances to appear in the examination
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty will be imposed with a heavy fine and other disciplinary actions including rustication/ expulsion from college.
  • Any damage whatsoever caused by student will be recovered/ repaired ‘as per actual’ from him/ her. A fine may also be imposed.
  • Send Up examinations shall be compulsory for students of all classes. Students who do not appear or fail in the examination will be regarded as Students whose courses of instructions are incomplete and unsatisfactory and will not be allowed to appear in the university professional examination for promotion to the next higher class and may also lose the scholarship, if any, granted to them. Pass percentage for Send up examinations is 50%.
  • Chapter-wise tests are conducted at the end of every chapter when it is completed. It is mandatory for every student to appear in all the tests. There will be no tolerance in this case as these tests affect the internal assessment for the University examination.

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