Physical Therapy Center

The Physiotherapy Centre, along with the clinic (OPD) faithfully serves persons with physical disabilities. Indeed, this center was the foundation of PSRD in 1957. Its main objective is to provide physical treatment to the disabled to ensure optimal functional mobility and thus enable them to be active members of society.

The facility is well equipped with the latest equipment to treat a variety of muscular-skeletal conditions from the minor yet debilitating conditions like lower back pain, sciatica, muscular sprains, and strains to the most serious like post-traumatic fractures, paralysis, nerve lesions, muscular dystrophy, muscular contractures, cerebral palsy, etc.  The well-qualified staff ensures that everyone, from children to adults, gets the best possible therapy relevant to their condition.

The majorities of the patients either receive free treatment or pay a nominal fee. The staff encourages patients to continue therapy at home by imparting knowledge regarding exercise skills to the patients and their attendants. Seminars and workshops are also held regularly to improve expertise of staff, share good practice with other medical professionals and promote awareness of musculoskeletal conditions and their management.

Occupational Therapy Center

Occupational Therapy (OT) is the use of treatments to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with physical, mental or developmental conditions. In OT, the therapists work with the people of all ages who need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive & satisfying lives that have been affected due to physical, developmental, social or emotional problems. Occupational Therapists work on the upper extremities of trauma patients, CVA and other neurological, orthopedic and psychological dysfunctions.

PSRD Orthopedic Hospital

Introduction: PSRD Hospital, originally established for the treatment of patients with deformities, is now one of the largest orthopedic hospitals in Pakistan with a capacity of 100 beds where orthopedic operations including total joint replacement, fracture, non-unions, mal-union, and various types of congenital deformities are taking place.

SURGICAL OUTDOOR: Surgical outdoor is managed daily by one of our three consultants with the help of medical officers.  On average more than 130 patients are examined daily and patients requiring surgery are admitted. Tens of thousands of patients during the year visit the Surgical Outdoor. This department works six days a week.

INVESTIGATIONS: Facilities for X-ray and laboratory are available, along with facilities for dressing and plaster applications. All facilities are provided in the outdoor department so that patients do not feel any inconvenience.

IN-PATIENT DEPARTMENT: There are separate wards for male and female patients and children. These wards have facilities of plaster cutters, suction devices, and emergency medicines. Separate private wards and well-furnished private rooms are available. Treatment is provided at a very low cost as compared to other private hospitals. On an average 60 percent of the patients are treated for free and they are also provided free meals. The Resident Medical Officer has been provided accommodation within the hospital and is on-call round the clock.

OPERATION THEATRE: Two new operation theatres, each with three operating tables are now fully functional and have facilities such as an image intensifier and pneumatic drills. On average 15-20 major and minor surgeries are performed daily. A central gas supply system is provided for better patient care.