What is COSIP?

Clinically Oriented Student Internship Program

COSIP is a unique program launched by PSRD College of Rehabilitation Sciences to enhance the clinical skills of Physical Therapy students and fresh graduates. This internship program is not an ordinary internship. In this program our students (interns) will have to undergo vigorous training both in Academics and in Clinical Physical Therapy as well.

COSIP is totally free of cost as we believe in improving the Standards of Physical Therapy Practice and thus enabling our Physical Therapists to develop a certain level of competency in order to meet International Standards. PSRD-CRS believes that these young professionals are the key resource for development and progression of Physical Therapy profession in Pakistan.


COSIP is currently the ONLY internship program available which ensures appropriate training and education of the students. Interns are valued and they are not taken as a burden or just as a FREE LABOUR. We consider it our prime responsibility to teach and train every intern who is registered in our facility. We will continue to improve this program to ensure development and progression through feedbacks not only from our students but also from fellow professionals.The main features of this program are:

  • Clinical Orientation of the students
  • Patient documentation in Outdoor and Indoor
  • Training in Assessment and Diagnosis of patients
  • Basic Therapeutic Skill in Outdoor Physical Therapy
  • Basic Therapeutic Skill in In-Door Physical Therapy
  • Advance Physiotherapy Techniques (For Graduate Internees only)
  • Development and Application of Standardized Physical Therapy Treatment plans
  • Case Presentations
  • Academic Lectures on Basic as well as Clinical Subjects
  • Training in Medical Education & Research Writing

We will make sure that all our Interns will be the Torch-Bearers and they will lead the future of Physical Therapy Profession in Pakistan.

Internship Program for Students

Internship Program for Medical/PT/OT Students:

  • Internees will write an application recommended by the Incharge in their respective Institute.
  • Internship will be called Observer ship.
  • The duration of Observer ship will be 1 ½ months. And it will be offered twice a year. The selection committee headed by Principal, College of Rehabilitation Sciences will select the candidates according to the vacancies, merit and no of available seats. The decision of the committee will be final.
  • Leaves will be recommended by Principal, College of Rehabilitation Sciences. A total of 3 leaves will be allowed during the tenure.
  • Leaves without prior application will be considered as ABSENT. The internee shall compensate the ABSENTS or certificate will not be awarded.
  • No remuneration will be given by the organization to any student what so ever.

During this Observer ship, it is mandatory for the students to develop certain skills.

  1. Students will be trained to record patient histories independently.
  2. Students will be taught basic Physical Therapy skills which are under the scope of an undergraduate student. This includes Therapeutic exercises and Electrotherapeutic application. All these activities will be strictly under supervision of Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist.
  • Students will complete their log books which will be given to them when they join the internship program. Each patient form in the log book will be signed by the supervisor/in charge PT/OT. This log book will be submitted to office of the Principal at the end of the Internship.
  1. At the end of the Observer ship program, certificate will only be given to students who pass their summative assessment and are able to demonstrate their competencies.

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